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Olga zu Schaumburg-Lippe (1876–1932) lived at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace until her death. She was the last member of the royal House of Württemberg. The photo exhibit in the princess' former bath room on the third floor of the new central building documents the life of her family.

Duke Carl Eugen's second apartment antechamber at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

Varied use of the private apartment.

A walkable family album

The photographs in the small exhibit are from the early 20th century and impart a living impression of a noble family's daily life during the Weimar Republic, as the monarchy was coming to an end. Another subject: how the palace rooms were used changed from generation to generation. The exhibit shows this thrilling transition in the example of Duke Carl Eugen's former apartment.

Princess Olga and Prince Maximilian with their children in Ludwigsburg

Prince Maximilian and Olga with their sons.

A princess with family

Princess Olga was part of the royal House of Württemberg. Her mother was the niece of Queen Olga von Württemberg, who was a member of the Russian Czar's family. In 1898, at the age of 22, Princess Olga married Prince Maximilian zu Schaumburg-Lippe. The young couple and their two sons, Eugen and Albrecht, lived in Duke Carl Eugen's former apartment from 1901 on. After the early death of her husband, Olga and her children continued to live in the palace.

Prince Maximilian and Princess Olga's sons

More fun to play than learn.

Two rascals and a dog name Fips

Princess Olga employed several private tutors to help raise her two sons. In 1910, headmaster Rudolf Thietz took the position. He was Württemberg's last royal tutor at the end of the monarchy. In his memoirs, he writes that the family lived a relatively modest life inside the striking atmosphere of the palace's rooms. Like all children, the princes would rather play in the palace garden with the family dog, Fips, than sit dutifully at their desks and study.

Duke Carl Eugen's luxuriously furnished apartment is once again accessible after renovations were completed in 2004. The duke's private rooms are worth a visit!

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