Detail of the floor in the marble cabinet in the hunting pavilion at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

Good staff is a matter of luckCleanliness-obsessed maids

The ornately inlayed wood floors at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace had to withstand quite a bit over the centuries. Servants didn't always know how best to care for fine wood.

View into the Chinese lacquer cabinet in the hunting pavilion with original flooring

Original Baroque parquet flooring in the lacquer cabinet.

Treating a floor right

In the old central building, magnificent wood floors with inlayed patterns were installed in many of the rooms. However, according to a report from Lord Bethoncourt, it needed to be replaced repeatedly because "the maids dump whole buckets of water and ... sweep the valuable floors with sand." Luckily, a few of the original valuable parquet floors from the construction of the palace have survived, for example in the Chinese lacquer cabinet and in the boiserie cabinet in the hunting pavilion.

Visitors in the marble hall at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

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