Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

An impressive tour of discoveryThe palace

A mighty palace complex, several pleasure palaces, an expansive garden, and a charming residential city: Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart, is home to a remarkably imposing ensemble that has been preserved, offering a one-of-a-kind world in a Baroque residence.

Visitors at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

Baroque pomp: the gallery in the old central building.

Travel through the ages

First, a ducal residence, then a summer residence for the first king of Württemberg. Ludwigsburg Residential Palace plays an important role in the state's history. On a tour through its royal and staterooms, visitors take an impressing trip through the ages, from the lavish Baroque and the playful Rococo, all the way to elegant Classicism. The palace theater with its original state equipment from 1758 is a special highlight.

Costumed children at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

Experience the Baroque period with fun and games in the Kinderreich.

A Baroque experience for all the senses

Several museums and permanent exhibitions at the palace offer insights into the lifestyles of times past. The fashion museum stages a fashion show with original clothing from the 18th to 20th centuries. The ceramics museum displays Ludwigsburg porcelain as well as contemporary ceramic art. Masterpieces by Baroque painters can be admired in the Baroque gallery. The interactive Kinderreich, a children's museum, gives children four years and older an experience for all the sense.

Ludwigsburg Favorite Palace

View from the residential palace to the favorite pleasure palace.

A varied garden world for young and old

The Baroque also comes to life in the large park that surrounds the palace on three sides. The gardens were reconstructed in 1954 in honor of the palace's 250th birthday, partly in their historic design, partly following Baroque ideas. Since then, the "Blooming Baroque" and its fairytale garden has been a popular destination. The park surrounding the charming pleasure palace, Ludwigsburg Favorite Palace, invites visitors to take a stroll. From there, a romantic three-kilometer avenue leads to the Monrepos Lakeside Palace.

View across the city of Ludwigsburg

The marketplace at the center of the former residential city.

Ludwigsburg residential city

A few years after construction began on the palace, Duke Eberhard Ludwig decided to found a new residential city: Ludwigsburg. Starting in 1709, he used tax incentives and abatements to induce the citizens to build houses and settle in Ludwigsburg. Donato Giuseppe Frisoni, the duke's architect, designed a city model with uniform streets and model houses. The broad Baroque marketplace and the straight avenues lined with chestnut and linden trees still characterize the city today.

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