Original clothing in the fashion museum at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

A fashion show across three centuriesThe fashion museum

The fashion museum in the Festin building at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace displays clothing and fashionable accessories from the Rococo through the 1960s—a history of beauty, hygiene and daily life. The museum's sensational presentation turns a visit into an experience.

Girdle in the fashion museum at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

An indecent look underneath.

Secrets beneath sumptuous clothing

Gorgeous ladies' gowns and sumptuous silk suits: The fashions worn at the royal courts in Europe during the Rococo period are at the center of the unique collection held by the Württemberg State Museum. Unlike centuries ago, the hidden articles are now also displayed for curious eyes to see: petticoats and chemises, corsets and crinolines, stockings and all the little secrets that were hidden beneath the sparkling surface.

Hats in the fashion museum at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

Of hats and flea traps.

The perfect accessory

A perfect appearance requires the right details. From shoes, hats, handbags and fans to hand-painted buttons, delicate lace trim and ivory flea traps, the exhibition presents all kinds of extravagant accessories from the closets of centuries past.

Designer pieces in the Ludwigsburg fashion museum

Modern designer pieces.

Designer fashion: from frilly dresses to mini skirts

Select pieces from the collections of famous 20th-century fashion designers round out this trip through the history of fashion and changing tastes. From the first designers whose names stood for elegance, such as Charles Frederick Worth or Paul Poiret, to classic designers like Christian Dior and Coco Chanel, all the way to Issey Miyake: The fashion museum honors geniuses who shaped fashion over the last 150 years with their new, trend-setting creations.

Large glass cabinet in the fashion museum at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

Depiction of an 18th-century courtly scene.

A stroll through the fashion museum provides visitors with detailed information on the individual clothing items through an audio guide.

You can find the opening hours at the visitor information desk.

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