Visitors in the gaming pavilion at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

Fun games in a cheerful settingThe gaming pavilion

Ladies and gentlemen enjoyed each other's company in the gaming pavilion. Four small corner rooms were arranged around a main hall with lavish and lively decor. Card games and games of skill were evening entertainment for courtly society.

Gaming pavilion at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace with ceiling paintings by Colomba and Wohlhaupter

A pavilion with a view.

An all-around splendid view

The windows in the circular room at the center of the gaming pavilion offer magnificent views into the garden in three directions. The grand ceiling is decorated with opulent stucco by Diego Carlone. Painters Luca Antonio Colomba and Emanuel Wohlhaupter incorporated the four seasons and the signs of the zodiac into the ceiling fresco that speak to the room's purpose with cheerful subjects in fresh colors.

Green man in the gaming pavilion of the old central building

All in the details.

Whimsical wall decor

The wall designs in the four corner rooms in the gaming pavilion are an example of the Baroque appreciation for the strange and exotic. The paintings imitate Delft tiles. They depict grotesque and humorous scenes, most likely inspired by the copper engravings by Jacques Callot that were prevalent at the time; for example, his depictions of dwarfs from the first half of the 17th century. Splendidly decorated fireplaces and elaborate ceilings make the four small gaming cabinets true gems.

Wall decor with imitation Delft tiles in the gaming pavilion at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

The murals of whimsical and curious scenes in the corner rooms of the game salon are imitations of Delft tiles.